Many people love yoga to relive stress or tone up, but one Australian instructor encourages her class to strip off during the session – by saying that it will make them more confident.

Rosie Rees, a 30-year-old yoga teacher says that removing clothes helps body image, relationships and sex lives.

 Rosie Rees is an Australian yoga instructor

Rosie Rees is an Australian yoga instructor

If the very thought is enough to put you off for life, Rosie explains on her website that although everyone does get fully naked eventually, you don’t have start baring all – guests arrive in a sarong or robe, and get naked “whenever [they] please”.

She says: “It’s completely normal to be fearful, anxious or nervous before a Nude Yoga class, since being seen and witnessed naked is a legitimate fear for many people.”

According to Rosie, exposing everything allows people to experience vulnerability, and that it takes strength and courage to step out of their comfort zone.

“Being naked around other people is a common fear for many people as they are plagued with body image issues, insecurities and inhibitions” she explains.

Rosie quit her job in 2012 as a Finance Recruiter in Sydney, headed to India to learn yoga, and moved in with a nudist upon her return to Australia – which gave her the idea of naked yoga.

She now teaches hundreds of women in workshops across Australia, and has even been invited to the Naked In Motion studio in New York later this year, to bring her unique class to the US.

If you’re still feeling shy, then Rosie says that by taking her classes, women have said that they’ve “never felt so elated, ecstatic, free, liberated and in love with themselves in their entire life”.

She adds that many say that it’s helped release their inhibitions, giving them the best sleep (or sex) of their lives.

“A lot of women feel sensual, embodied, sexy, wild, feminine, free.”

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