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What Does a Health Care Clinic Do?

Knowing where to go for different health issues, treatments, and procedures can be a headache. Fortunately, Health Care Clinics can provide a wide range of services to patients and their families in one convenient location. As an example,  is a health

#10YearChallenge; Turkey puts spotlight on the headscarf

Turkish social media users joining the hugely viral #10YearChallenge have sparked a debate about the practice of wearing the Islamic headscarf. Turkish women who took off their headscarves adopted this trend to talk about the reasons behind their decision. The topic

3 Cutting Edge Pieces of Medical Equipment You Should Know About

The world of medicine is constantly changing and evolving thanks in part to its close relationship with technology. As such, breakthroughs in tech often result in new and previously impossible advancements in medicine. This symbiotic relationship has saved numerous lives throughout