Increasingly, medical journals and publications are jumping into the fray with a variety of blogs. Individual blogs by doctors, nurses, and other health professionals have long been the norm. Indeed, one of the most highly read health blogs is Random Acts of Reality, a British blog by an EMT working for the London Ambulance Service. Its tagline is “Trying to kill as few people as possible….”

One of the newest medical publication blogs is Canadian Medicine, from the National Review of Medicine, a biweekly medical newspaper based in Montreal. In its first month it has written about the TB man, SiCKO, and the Canadian health system. British journals BMJ and The Lancet both have more clinically focused blogs. BMJ, in particular, has a blog by Richard Lehman that offers a weekly scan of clinical journals, including NEJM and JAMA. Open-access medical journals PLoS and Open Medicine also have blogs, which tend to focus particularly on questions of publishing.