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Diabetes Diet: How Diabetics Can Include Pizza In Their Diet In Healthy Manner

Diabetes, or high blood sugar, is a condition wherein the glucose levels in blood are persistently elevated. The condition has two types – type-1 diabetes and type-2 diabetes. In type-1 diabetes, the pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin to regulate blood sugar

Just One Exercise Session Can Ward Off Age-Related Shrinkage in Your Brain

Small but mighty, the hippocampus is an area of your brain that’s tasked with a range of functions related to memory formation and emotion regulation. Unfortunately, as we age, this powerhouse tends to stutter, due to things like shrinkage, inflammation, and

On A Diet? 5 Healthy Protein-Rich Paneer Snacks You Can Try

Indians and their love affair with paneer, or cottage cheese, need no introduction. Delicious and versatile, paneer’s a hit in any avatar. Add them to curries, salads, fritters and you know you have a winner. Interestingly, paneer is also dubbed as one