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What Really Is Malnutrition And How Can You Prevent It? All You Need To Know

Malnutrition is a serious health problem that occurs when a person’s diet does not contain the right amount of nutrients. Malnutrition in general means poor nutrition. It refers to under nutrition; where a person does not get adequate nutrients or when a person

Oxygen Therapy Can Help Reverse Sudden Hearing Loss

A loud pop, muffled sounds, spurts of dizziness – these are some of the first clues that you may have an extremely painful and serious condition called sensorineural sudden hearing loss (SSHL). Also known as sudden deafness, SSHL occurs when you lose

10 Ways the Keto Diet Can Backfire

Trouble sleeping A keto diet (or ketogenic diet) is drastically low in carbohydrates and very high in fat—typically 75 percent of calories come from fat, 20 percent from protein, and just 5 percent from carbohydrates. That’s extreme even by other strict