Since the days of the classic film ‘Maine Pyar Kiya,’ actress Bhagyashree has won many hearts. And till this day, her charm and elegance continue to entice us. To our joy, the actress is very active on social media and regularly updates and entertains her 1 million fans and followers with glimpses of her life. A look through her Instagram, and you will come to realise that the actress is a self-confessed foodie! She not only posts about her various indulgences but also informs her audience about the health benefits of certain ingredients. As she continues to be an advocate of healthy living and eating, Bhagyashree has also started her Instagram series ‘tuesdaytipswithB’, where she shares the health benefits of various things. This time, she has spoken about the importance of chaas and how it can aid us in multiple ways.

Bhagyashree Reminds Us Of The Importance Of This Drink; Here's How You Can Make It

In a video shared on her Instagram, she begins by saying that “In Gujarati households, one thing has always been common and that is having chaas after a meal.” Then further, she says, “Chaas has various health benefits. It can reduce the acidity even if you eat spicy, masaledar foods or fried foods. Chaas can help to cool down your stomach. It is loaded with Vitamin B, calcium, potassium.”