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UGA grinds down the Gators, eyes another SEC East title

Georgia spoiled us last year. Of their 12 victories en route to the College Football Playoff, 11 came by at least two touchdowns. Those Bulldogs had a separation gear, and they tended to separate early and easily. Example: They beat Florida

Listen to dogs with your eyes to see if they want to interact

I recently saw an article claiming that dogs don’t like being hugged or petted on the head. My dog seems to like these things. Is it true that dogs don’t like these things? Absolutes are appealing. “Do this” or “do not

Eyes in the sky aim to protect Earth’s rainforests, resources

In the Brazilian state of Para, every week, authorities receive alerts showing them which parts of the Amazon forest have been chopped down, with photos to back it up. The pictures are taken every day at 10:30 in the morning by