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#10YearChallenge; Turkey puts spotlight on the headscarf

Turkish social media users joining the hugely viral #10YearChallenge have sparked a debate about the practice of wearing the Islamic headscarf. Turkish women who took off their headscarves adopted this trend to talk about the reasons behind their decision. The topic

Smoking speeds up ageing by twenty years: Study – 5 tips to keep your skin young, radiant and glowing

Skin ageing is a problem faced by many women. A recent study discovered that smoking can speed up ageing by more than 20 years. You can avoid ageing by practising proper skin care, eating healthy and more. Smoking speeds up ageing

Yes, your skincare products need to have a schedule to be effective

How to make sure you’re getting the most—and only the good—out of your skincare investments Image: Abheet Gidwani Gone are the days when skincare was restricted to the cleanse-tone-moisturise routine. At this point, the longer you’re willing to spend on your morning and night skin