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Bizarre yoga forms? But it could be fun

Dealing with day-to-day pressures isn’t easy and that is a major reason why people are now looking to ways to de-stress, with yoga being the popular choice of the lot. Yoga is something most of us are familiar with, we may

UK hospitals treat staff with massages and yoga classes

 Kingston hospital in south London offers staff yoga classes to improve their wellbeing. Photograph: Alicia Canter/The Guardian Soaring stress levels have led to a workforce crisis and alarming numbers of doctors and nurses are quitting their jobs at the NHS. But hospitals

India hosts first ever ‘Yoga On A Pole’ World Championship, 15 countries participate

The event was organised by Uday Deshpande to promote Mallakhamb, a gymnastics-like discipline that was originated in western India in the 12th century. Mallakhamb World Championships.  |  Photo Credit: AFP Mumbai: The first ever ‘Yoga on a pole’ World Championship began in Mumbai’