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School-based yoga can help children better manage stress and anxiety

Participating in yoga and mindfulness activities at school helps third-graders exhibiting anxiety improve their wellbeing and emotional health, according to a new Tulane University study published in the journal Psychology Research and Behavior Management. Researchers worked with a public school in New

Yoga In Schools May Help Kids With Anxiety

Shutterstock At a time when stress in U.S. schools is on the rise, the results of a new study hammer home what others have shown: that yoga in schools may be a great benefit to kids’ mental health. The results, published in Psychology Research

Yoga with goats is back! Here’s your chance to join the farm friendly fun

The Barnyard Yoga experience connects you with your inner farm girl or boy, even if you didn’t know you had one! The goats will cuddle up to you and you won’t be able to help but falling in love with them at Yoga