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Indonesia to celebrate 4th International Day of Yoga

June 21, 2018 is the fourth International Day of Yoga in Indonesia. In this connection the Embassy of India in Jakarta and the Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia in cooperation with Yoga Community Associations in Indonesia have collaborated to present a

Yoga Camps Are Hot This Summer

The notion of adult summer camps full of fun and athletic activities seems to be trending this year, and in another recent piece here at Forbes I wrote about multi-sport summer camp weekends (or days) being held in New York and

Benedict Cumberbatch prefers yoga to drugs and is happy with ‘near-sobriety’

While the world of Hollywood and all it encapsulates has been linked with addictions in the past, it’s nice to know one star is adamant he’s avoided those pitfalls of fame. Benedict Cumberbatch: ‘near-sober’ and very happy. The actor was asked