It is important for one to keep track of what one is consuming to keep yourself hydrated

Majority of us blame winter for the excessive weight gain due to binge eating, not wanting to get out of bed all day or lazing around, but summer is equally capable of making you feel the same. Wanting to stay in an air-conditioned environment will make it difficult for you to sweat it out. Extremely high temperatures call for copious amounts of drinking. Sugary drinks, cold drinks, beer, or alcohol of any sort can lead to too much weight gain without even realising. Hence, it is important for one to keep track of what one is consuming to keep yourself hydrated. We bring you two drinks that will not only keep you hydrated but will also keep weight in check.

1. Coconut Water

Coconut water in the Indian subcontinent is a widely consumed drink. Rich in fibre, protein, potassium, vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and amino acids, Coconut water is fat-free and extremely nutritious. It works as a hydrating agent and can help with weight loss. It improves the metabolic rate and the fat-burning efficiency of the body. Loaded with nutrients and enzymes, Coconut water should be your go-to summer drink for weight loss and hydration.

2. Lemonade, Lemon Water/Nimbu Pani
Rich in Vitamin-C, citric acid, anti-oxidants, and flavonoids, lemon water or lemonade is a refreshing drink for the summer season. It helps you beat the heat, and also facilitates digestion. It rules out toxins from the system too. Apart from consuming the classic lemonade, one can add a few drops of lemon to warm and water as it works as a good way to eliminate belly fat. Add a hint of salt to the drink or a tablespoon of honey; whatever suits you to add a bit more flavour to the drink.

However, one should be mindful of the quantity of these drinks. 2-3 glasses a day would be just fine but one should always consult a medical expert before making any dietary change.