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This Woman’s Hair Was Transformed After Using This Product

Photo Credits: Ekateryna Zubal/ Shutterstock | Image Used for Illustrative Purpose Only The TOPPIK Hair Building Fibers ($8 for 0.11oz) may not be a miracle product, but it has certainly changed people’s lives in a huge way. Christine Wilson, a woman

Know about your hairfall

Peter Dazeley Hair thinning can be a difficult experience to handle, especially when you feel like you’re going through things alone. But, with many men and women suffering from hair loss at some point in their life, such as during the

HAIR OF THE DOG The 7 reasons booze is causing your hair loss – and could leave you bald

We already know that alcohol can have some pretty nasty effects on the body, after all it is a toxin.     If you’ve noticed you’re losing more hair than normal these days it could be down to your boozing Those