Amidst the scorching summer heat and record-high temperatures, swimming becomes our go-to pastime. Many of us head out to our nearest pools for a quick dip that not just cools us down but is also an excellent way to work out and burn some calories. Swimming enthusiasts would know that hunger pangs often hit soon after a rigorous swimming session. It is but natural for us to feel extremely hungry post a long swim, however, our usual tendency is to binge upon unhealthy and greasy food. If you are watching your weight and want to stay healthy and fit after swimming too, we have just the diet tips you need. Celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija took to Instagram to share a video of what we can eat before our swimming session, and what to eat after it.

What To Eat Before Swimming? Celeb Nutritionist Pooja Makhija Explains
Celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija shared a video explaining what exactly should be eaten pre and post-swim. She suggested some diet tips to capitalise on this exercise session that is ideal for the hot summer months. “Make the most of your fun summer swim that doubles up as a cardiovascular metabolic burner for you as well,” she wrote in the caption. “The foods mentioned in the video as also super easy to get on most holidays anywhere in the world. P.s don’t forget to drink WATER that’s the most important food pre and post,” she added.

According to Makhija, you should try and eat a small meal before swimming to kickstart your metabolism. Thus, you can consume a portion of fruit, a handful of nuts, or yogurt with seeds sprinkled on top before diving into the pool. Even some caffeine may help rev up your metabolism before your swim, as per the celebrity nutritionist.

Once you are done swimming, you should go for the heavier meal that will constitute your main breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Pooja Makhija also pointed out that drinking water before and after the swim is crucial for good health and keeping the body well-hydrated during the swimming workout session.