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If beauty is what you live and breathe, you already know the popular faces on Instagram. Can you imagine a day without scrolling through their feeds and not knowing what’s new and trending in the beauty biz? But, what makes for a follow-worthy blogger? Someone who advocates beauty but not the beauty standards and someone who is real and relatable. Here, we speak to four content creators and beauty bloggers on their beauty philosophies and what sets them apart.

1) Nikita Madhani, content creator

On what beauty means to you
“Embracing imperfections.”

On how you use beauty content to connect with your audience
“Creating content which resonates with my audience, which entertains and educates the viewers. I love sharing my experiences, reviews of trying out skincare, makeup products which help them gauge the options available.”

On beauty hacks that you follow
“I use lip tints or lipsticks as blush, eyeshadows to fill in my brows or to contour and the humble kohl pencil for whenever I want to create a smokey eye.”

On a beauty tip you learned from Instagram trends
“Fox eye makeup look, where you line the inner corners of the eyes and wing out the ends.”

On a lockdown beauty addition
“Grooming my eyebrows by myself, which started as a necessity but has now become a part of my routine. One thing I learned during this time was that no one can understand my brows better than me and how I like wearing them.”