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UK hospitals treat staff with massages and yoga classes

 Kingston hospital in south London offers staff yoga classes to improve their wellbeing. Photograph: Alicia Canter/The Guardian Soaring stress levels have led to a workforce crisis and alarming numbers of doctors and nurses are quitting their jobs at the NHS. But hospitals

Protect your eyes and sleep with dark and night modes

Dry eyes and disturbed sleep patterns are common issues encountered by long-term exposure to blue light. Dark mode and night mode could help reduce the stress on the eyes Imagine you’ve just gotten off work at night, after staring at your

KI yoga teacher returns from India with new name, knowledge

Kangaroo Island resident yoga teacher Madhav Anand, formerly Matt Nettheim, will be re-commencing his Yoga for Men classes. He has returned from India with his new name and additional teaching qualifications attained during his time at the Paramanand Ashram. “I have been