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Calories In Cucumber: 4 Interesting Ways To Use Cucumber In Your Diet

It is not officially summers, if you don’t have enough green and crunchy cucumbers raiding your kitchen pantry. They are in your sandwiches, a staple for your salads, and can be found in so many lip-smacking dips too. Long story short,

Is It Even Possible To Do The Keto Diet If You’re Vegan or Vegetarian?

Let’s get real for a sec: The keto diet is pretty much a godsend for meat- and cheese-lovers everywhere. But uh, what if you don’t eat meat or fish? Or abstain from animal products altogether? Can you jump on the keto

Lose weight naturally: Say no to crash diets, eat more fibre, get enough sleep

You don’t need to go on a crash diet, or exercise for hours and hours to lose weight. Simple tweaks to your day-to-day lifestyle can also help you lose weight in a sustained manner. Research has shown that sudden weight loss