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What Is Rainbow Diet? Does It Help Lose Weight? Read Here To Know All Your Answers

Your old clothes don’t fit you any more? Has weight loss become your primary goal? Do not worry. Today we will talk about the rainbow diet which helps you lose weight but not health. Even more interesting, it helps you manage

Should we all be following the Flexitarian Diet?

Considering switching to a vegetarian diet but can’t quite make the leap to a fully plant-based lifestyle? Forget keto and Paleo, the all-new Flexitarian Diet might be for you. Unlike more restrictive diets, Flexitarians get to eat lots of veggies, but the diet still

5-day weight loss plan for winter: Lose your belly fat naturally with these 5 seasonal vegetables

New Delhi: Wondering why many people tend to put on the pounds when the temperature drops? That’s partly because they eat too much and not moving enough, resulting in more fat storage, particularly around the stomach. If you grant permission yourself to