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Garlic Oil And Other Herbal Oils May Help Treat Lyme Disease: 4 Garlic Oil Benefits

Essential oils extracted from garlic and other common herbs may hamper bacterial activity that is responsible in causing Lyme disease. Lyme disease is a form of arthritis caused by bacteria that are usually transmitted by ticks. The study, which was led

Oxygen Therapy Can Help Reverse Sudden Hearing Loss

A loud pop, muffled sounds, spurts of dizziness – these are some of the first clues that you may have an extremely painful and serious condition called sensorineural sudden hearing loss (SSHL). Also known as sudden deafness, SSHL occurs when you lose

See what this caring entrepreneur is doing to help women suffering from hair loss

Once embarrassed about their hair loss, a bunch of women found the confidence to whip off their wigs to end a fashion show. Inspired by 15-year-old alopecia sufferer Elisha Appleby, who showed off her baldness on Facebook, they plucked up the courage to model