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Wellness Wednesday: Exercise Recovery, Pocket Produce, and the Human Body in Space

There have been many studies conducted on how to best recover after exercising, but questions remain as to whether post-workout activities actually provide results or if we just think we feel better from them. Join us for a conversation with an

Here’s why these three skin whiteners are dangerous and damaging to your body

Three skin whitening creams have been banned by the health authorities here for containing the harmful ingredient – Hydroquinone. According to Gulf News, the Ministry of Health and Prevention in the UAE had previously issued advice about unregistering whitening creams sold

10 things that can happen to your body when you give up dairy

Most nutritionists wouldn’t recommend giving up an entire food group unless you have very good reason to; like an allergy, for example. That’s because each group provides different, vital nutrients and energy to enable our bodies to work properly. But in the event