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One-on-One with Lon Allison on Billy Graham and Cancer

Ed: Not too long ago you were diagnosed with an aggressive liver cancer and have been receiving treatment. How has this impacted your faith and the way you view God? Lon: I really didn’t know how my faith would be impacted by

Benedict Cumberbatch prefers yoga to drugs and is happy with ‘near-sobriety’

While the world of Hollywood and all it encapsulates has been linked with addictions in the past, it’s nice to know one star is adamant he’s avoided those pitfalls of fame. Benedict Cumberbatch: ‘near-sober’ and very happy. The actor was asked

Kelly Ripa And Husband Mark Consuelos Just Posted Some Seriously Insane Yoga Pics

Apparently, the secret sauce to a happy, decades-long marriage is being flexible. Literally. Need proof? Kelly Ripa and her hubs, Riverdale star Mark Consuelos, shared a series of partner yoga photos on Sunday, and. Damn. The couple is currently on vacation in the