Many Health and fitness blogs talk about how physical fitness must be maintained; even beauty tips focus on physical health. Fitness within the body and of physical appearance, both count to live a healthy life. The most important aspect to maintain a healthy lifestyle includes a fitness regime and healthy eating habits. Many people do not like to hit the gym to practice physical exercises, they would rather walk or run at a nearby park and do other stretching exercises at home. The COVID 19 pandemic has also changed the physical fitness habits of the people. Find below a few health and fitness tips that one can follow at home.

Health & Fitness Blog Tips

·        Pay attention to the portions of food

It is a normal act to eat more when at home, it might not be possible to control the same. Do not kill your urges of eating, instead opt for a solution of eating smaller portions at a time and watch what you are eating. Go for healthy food options over junk and packaged food.

·        Don’t fret over not having gym equipment’s

If you don’t have gym equipment, don’t think that you cannot focus on physical fitness at home. Use your stairs or corridor or a ball for cardio and home available things like a water-filled bottle for weights. Health and fitness tips focus upon being on move and enjoying the overall experience of exercising.

·        Cardio Exercises At Home

Many complain about the lack of space to do cardio exercises, here are a few exercises you can include on your cardio regime that do not require much space.

1.      Jumping Jacks

2.      Skipping

3.      Squats and Jumps

4.      High Knees

5.      Stand Up Marching

6.      Dancing to Music

·        Do not feel guilty

A very important health and fitness tips are to not feel guilty. This is also a beauty tips as guilt pulls down the charm on the face too. If you have cheated on your regime, let go sometimes instead of thinking and worrying about it.

·        Ensure to add core and balance training in your regime

Cardio alone will not do the magic you are looking for, try and build a physical fitness regime that includes exercises for balance and core training too, like plank postures, yoga, etc.

·        Be time-efficient while exercising at home

When we exercise at home, being lazy and coming up with excuses is common, although dedicating a specific time for the body and exercises can be a great way to build a habit of exercising every day. You can also take the help of apps and videos that promote fitness at home.

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If you are a beginner and are trying to build an exercise regime and healthy lifestyle while at home, remember it is one day at a time. You cannot change overnight hence be easy on yourself and build good and healthy habits for a better lifestyle.