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Enjoy the sun; avoid the burn as summer heats up

We’ve arrived at summer, so as we swing our golf clubs, cast our fishing rods, garden and do our farm chores, we need to keep care of our skin in mind, too. Sunburns can happen quickly to skin that’s been hiding under long-sleeved

Soothe Your Summer Skin and Hair With These Must-Have Beauty Masks

Don’t let your skin, hair, or scalp fall victim to rising temps, heaps of humidity, or the festival of frizz that occurs after an unexpected rainstorm this summer. Whether you’re battling clogged pores or suffering from sunburn, these beauty masks can summer-proof your beauty routine. What beauty masks will

The Best Summer Skin-Care Products Are All Hiding At Target

Somehow, even when we don’t go in looking for anything in particular, five minutes into a Target run results in a red basket filled to the brim with a haphazard assortment of stuff, including a package of scrunchies we really don’tneed and three bottles