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The Benefits Of Naked Yoga Will Take Your Practice To The Next Level & Here’s Why

In the past, yoga was mostly associated with sun salutations, savasana, and serenity — a way to mindfully move your body and intentionally clear your mind. Nowadays, though, there are so many variations to the ancient practice, including goat yoga, aerial

Remote-Controlled Nanospears Will Attack Cancer Cells

Delivering gene therapy exactly, precisely to where it needs to go has long been a struggle. But one group of researchers seems to have figured out exactly how: by shooting a nanospear within the body. A recent study in the journal American Chemical Society Nano describes a

Will taking collagen supplements *really* make you look younger?

Step inside a health food shop – or any high street supermarket or chemist – and you’ll see rows and rows of supplements promising everything from better joint mobility to shinier hair and clearer skin. And the one everyone’s talking about right now?