With the obesity rate as low as 10 percent in Korea, there is no denying of the fact that Koreans have always managed to withdraw themselves from the influence of western culture and their eating habits such as fast food and other highly processed meals.
The Korean cuisine is not that rich and do not require those sophisticated cooking methods as other cuisines such as French and Chinese. Maybe that very well explains the simplicity of the Korean meals and why the obesity rate is this low. This implies that if one wants to lose weight in a healthy way one can cut down the portion of meals but the food, which best tailored according to your taste and preferences, Korean weight loss diet is the way to go.

The focus lies on not just toning down the weight and losing off inches, but at the same time the health factor also plays a vital role here. Also known as K-pop diet or K-diet, the Korean weight loss diet is especially designed for losing weight, getting that radiant and clear skin and optimizing the overall health of the body. Starving or simply cutting off the size of meal won’t do any good, eating the right kind of food and appropriate quantity of the meal along with regular exercise is the key.

rice bowl

The Korean cuisine promotes the least processed food and cutting off the intake of highly processed ones, while also keeping refined sugar, wheat consumption and food with excess fats at bay. The K-diet believes in the indulging of only those foods which have fewer calories while also having a daily workout routine as necessity. Koreans love binging on healthy food.

This diet includes a good bowl full of fruits and vegetables along with cooked rice, meat, seafood and kimchi salad (fermented spicy cabbage), they are a staple in Korea and it is something that Koreans are obsessed with. Kimchi should be consumed in moderation, due to a high salt content which might not be good for some heart patients.

The Korean cuisine includes loads of vegetables, which are rich in fibers. These vegetables help greatly in weight loss and giving a feeling of a full and satiated tummy, hence no chances of cravings and hunger exist. Another thing to keep in mind is that substitution is the key. Drink water for whenever you crave soda, avoiding snacking foods rich in fats and substituting them with fresh fruits. Therefore, if one wants to lose weight, without thinking anything, just gobble up loads of veggies, fruits and cooked rice and after after some time of dedication and hard work, you will definitely see the results.