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Five ways to summer friendly skin

With 5-step and 10-step skincare routines being the norm, we are all trying to jump on the skincare bandwagon. Whether you’re working in a corporate office, a stay-at-home mom or freelancing, it’s difficult to maintain a lengthy routine. Sobiya Mogul, Content

Summer beauty guide: Exfoliate regularly to remove dead skin cells; keep heating tools away from hair

NEW DELHI: With the switch in season from a colder to a warmer climate, it is crucial to change your hair care and skincare routine. Gunjan Jain, National Educational Manager, Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals, on skincare tips: * Hydration is key: It is essential to drink

Five ways to get more fibre in your diet

An apple a day … Photograph: Leventina/Getty Images/iStockphoto Get a feel for the figures Fibre, or roughage, refers to indigestible carbohydrates. A fibre-rich diet is linked to health benefits including a reduced risk of heart disease and bowel cancer. While UK guidelines say adults should get 30g