Weight Loss: 5 Monsoon Diet Tips That May Help You Lose Some Kilos

Enjoying the first spell of monsoon showers? Well, so are we. The slight nip in the weather is making us tend towards slightly warming treats. Needless to say, our chaat, pakora and street food cravings are also at an all-time high. While it is absolutely okay to indulge once in a while, if you start bingeing into them more than often, you are bound to see their impact round your waistline. It is advised to eat healthy and fortifying foods at home during monsoons. Your immunity takes a dip during the weather change and you should take all dietary precautions. While you are at it, you can also supplement your diet with weight-loss-friendly foods and lose a kilo or two.

Here are some monsoon diet tips that may facilitate your weight loss goals.

1. Snack right

As we mentioned before, there is no harm in tucking into a greasy pakora here and there, but one must practice portion control. It is fairly easy to snack healthy in monsoon too. Roasted bhutta (corn on the cob), popcorns, fruits are some healthy ideas you can try. These snacks are low-cal and also teeming with many health benefits.

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corn cob 625
Weight loss: Roasted corn cobs are a healthy snack

2. Hydrate Yourself

Yes, it is the last leg of summers, but that does not mean you forget your water bottles at home. Hydration helps ensure elimination of toxins. It also plays a significant role in weight loss. At times your brain inter-mixes signals of hunger and thirst. So you start eating, even before realising that you were, actually, just thirsty. Therefore, keep sipping into water, infused water, juices, herbal teas etc. If you keep drinking water, you would also stay full for long and not feel like bingeing into anything fattening so soon.

3. Eat Seasonal Fruits

Including seasonal fruits in your diet could help you load up on a range of antioxidants that could help bolster your immunity and keep infections at bay. Some of the fruits that you can include in your diet are jamuns, litchi, melons, plums, pomegranates, and strawberries. Not only are these fruits delectable to tuck into, but are also profuse with dietary fibres, which could help aid weight loss.

Weight loss: Including seasonal fruits in your diet could help you load up on a range of antioxidants

4. Sip On Adrak Chai But Keep A Check On Sugar

A piping hot cup of adrak wali chai is always a delight in this weather, wouldn’t you agree? The concoction can do wonders for your throat and immunity. Made with ginger and other herbs like black pepper, clove and cinnamon, adrak chai is a treasure trove of antioxidants. If you do away with dairy and sugar, this herbal tea could also help you lose a kilo or two.

5. Have Soups

 Soups are ideal for monsoons. You can throw any veggies of your choice in your soup and make them delectable. Soups ensure healthy inflow of nutrients. Do not refrain from using healing herbs and spices in your soups as they help boost immunity. Since the water content of soup is so high, they help fill you up without any major calorie overload. If you feel full, you would naturally binge less, which would further help your weight loss goals.

Weight loss:  Soups are ideal for monsoons

Try these healthy diet tips this monsoon and see the results for yourself.