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5 most likely reasons your diet is failing (and how to succeed)

There is nothing worse than focusing on eating well and exercising only to find the scales refuse to budge. It is demotivating and frustrating and can be enough to see many of us throw in the towel altogether. So before you

The 5 Best Products For Women’s Hair Loss

Hair loss is typically thought of as something that happens to older women as they age — but that’s not quite the case. There are many different factors, including medical conditions, that can cause hair loss in women of all ages. That means,

5 Ways to Keep Your Eyes Healthy Every Day

(iStock) As we age, our eyes age too, and the risk of eye diseases and conditions— many with no warning signs—climbs.That’s why experts stress the importance of an annual comprehensive eye exam for everyone over age 50. “Just as you’d visit an