Simone Skinner-Smith dreamed up the idea for her business with a friend at the pub.

Yoga instructor Simone Skinner-Smith has a deep reverence for the practice and benefits of yoga but she has no qualms about embracing its humorous side either.

One time, when she was instructing a family, the children decided to climb their parents as the parents engaged in ‘‘cat cow’’ poses.

Skinner-Smith says it’s important to recognise the merits of adopting a relaxed approach to teaching.

‘‘I think sometimes, especially in a large studio environment, things can be taken a little too seriously,’’ she says.

‘‘At the end of the day, we’re there to create inner-wellness, light and happiness in your body and I think that it can stem from a little bit of humour as well.’’ Skinner-Smith is the operator of Sydney-based mobile yoga business The Mobile Yogi.

She teaches the Hatha Yoga discipline – including aspects such as breath awareness and meditation – in one-on-one, Skype and group sessions, for everybody from hen’s day revellers to corporates and school kids.

‘‘I want to make it more accessible to people of all different levels and abilities,’’ she says. ‘‘I have a favourite quote, which is, ‘If you can breathe, you can do yoga.’’’ Skinner-Smith, who started her business in 2012, has been practicing yoga in places such as India, Bali and Mauritius for more than a decade.

Her various qualifications include a Level 1 and 2 Purna Yoga Teacher’s Certificate, a Level 1 Children’s Yoga Certificate and a pre and post-natal yoga teacher’s certificat. She also has a Bachelor of Arts in communications and a previous career in the media.

The idea for The Mobile Yogi has the rare distinction of being one of the many ideas conceived in pubs that have actually turned into something worthwhile.

‘‘I get at least five inquiries a week,’’ Skinner-Smith says.

She has a small team of instructors to help her meet demand now too.

Skinner-Smith says she derives a lot of motivation from the idea that she can spend an hour with a client and know that they come out in a better place – physically, mentally or emotionally – than they had been in prior. She’s also proud that she’s created a career in yoga that’s surpassed expectations.

‘‘I’ve never run a business before,’’ she says. ‘‘It just really organically evolved. I didn’t have a business plan, which I’m sure for any new business owner is cringe-worthy. But it just happened.’’