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Do helmets cause hair loss? Final verdict from a doctor explained

Does wearing a helmet cause hair loss? We consult a doctor to bust the myth To wear or not to wear, that is the question. But speaking in terms of very basic physics, this shouldn’t be the question. If you fall

How Skin Care Became a Crucial Part of My Sobriety Toolbox

My skin was the last thing on my mind when I stopped drinking after 20 years of weekend binges and using wine to self-medicate. Sure, I expected clearer skin to be one of the welcome side effects, like having more disposable income and

On A Diet? 5 Healthy Protein-Rich Paneer Snacks You Can Try

Indians and their love affair with paneer, or cottage cheese, need no introduction. Delicious and versatile, paneer’s a hit in any avatar. Add them to curries, salads, fritters and you know you have a winner. Interestingly, paneer is also dubbed as one