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In Kipling’s worst poem he suggests exercise as a cure for the blues

I am bored,” writes my friend the Moose. “Tell me something funny.” I struggle to think of anything funny. This morning saw me, for no particular reason save the usual ones, in a particularly glum frame. “I did 50 push-ups today,”

A Cure For Baldness Might Be On The Way

Baldness is something that affects plenty of people across the world. A source of worry for men, as well as women, hair loss tends to happen as we get older but can also happen early on in life as well, depending

Cure for baldness, this new drug could help fix your hair loss problem

For those who have receding hairlines, hope is on the way as scientists have identified a drug – initially meant to be for osteoporosis treatment – which can help in hair growth. According to a study published in the journal PLOS Biology,