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Is an itchy scalp linked with hair loss?

People can often experience both an itchy scalp and hair loss, which suggests that these issues may have a common cause or that one may cause the other. Scalp pruritus, commonly known as an itchy scalp, is a common problem that

5 most likely reasons your diet is failing (and how to succeed)

There is nothing worse than focusing on eating well and exercising only to find the scales refuse to budge. It is demotivating and frustrating and can be enough to see many of us throw in the towel altogether. So before you

What Is Rainbow Diet? Does It Help Lose Weight? Read Here To Know All Your Answers

Your old clothes don’t fit you any more? Has weight loss become your primary goal? Do not worry. Today we will talk about the rainbow diet which helps you lose weight but not health. Even more interesting, it helps you manage