If you are tired, frustrated and embarrassed about how your bald hair and severe hair loss makes you look unattractive, unkempt…

and even older than you age, then this will be the most important message you will ever read…

Here is why…

The reason why I said so is because I was once like you… I used to look like a bald, ugly old man such that, people used to laugh and mock me about my severe hair loss that I was experiencing.

Let me quickly narrate one my very sad experience for you:

Sometimes back, I attended a university coursemate wedding reception.

It was also like a re-union because most people I met there were former university course mates.

Well, at the wedding reception, a group of my former course mates approached me… and after a small chat… they started laughing at me.

They laughed real hard and start calling me names, like gorimapa”, “codo bald hair”“baldy” and some even called me “ba man”, meaning “bald man” for short.

It was embarrassing to me.

But, I thought that was all… until one of my close friend pat me on my bald hair, and started rubbing it. Deep inside me, it made me very angry.

Truth is, my bald hair problem started back when I was still in the university, I noticed that my hair was beginning to fall off gradually.

Now, that I met with friends, my bald hair condition has gone even worse with almost no hair on my head!

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My severe hair loss problem was a difficult situation for me, it made me felt ashamed, made me unattractive and I did not like my looks one bit.

Fact is, baldness causes depression, low self esteem and makes people think you look older and ugly.

At first, I considered hair transplant surgery… but it was really expensive.

Then I started getting advice from friends and families about different things to try…

So, I started to try several things like

  • Mixing marijuana (locally known as weed or “igbo”) with methylated spirit and rubbing it on my hair but my hair did not grow, it only left with annoying bald spots all over my head
  • I used onion and vinegar, some friends even advised me to use raw eggs just to try it but it was a complete waste of effort
  • What about creams, oil, spray and many products in the market and sold by beauty stores… they were plain waste of my money
  • I even used drugs… these hair treatment drugs were expensive but apart from that these drugs has a major side effect, so I had to stop using it

But I did not give up, I started researching about hair loss online, and looking for solution to the problem because it really made me uncomfortable and affected my appearance.

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At last! The breakthrough finally came…

One day while browsing on the internet, I chatted with my old time friend who was in the (United States) USA.

I opened up to him about how my bald hair problem was giving me issues and what he used to re-grow his own because back then when we were in school, he used to have a terrible bald hair too.

At first, when I sent him a picture of bad my hair looks now, he laughed at me.

He simply said…

“The Bald Hair Problem is Hereditary… Hair Loss problem comes from Deep in the family, But It starts showing its ugly self once the man ages between 35 to 50years above”

Truth is, he was right, I quickly remembered that my sister, grandma and my dad used to have a terrible hair loss problem.

But that was not all, my friend quickly introduced me to a very rare ASIAN serum that he used to permanently cure hair loss, and also restore his normal hair growth.

When he agreed to send me the solution, at first I was skeptical and just agreed to try it.

After using it for the first 14 days, I was surprised at the results I got. I decided to upload my pictures on facebook with my full blown hair that was growing again.

The ASIAN Hair treatment serum works effectively and grows hair on your bald or receding hair line faster than you’ve ever imagined.

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Within few minutes some of my friends, inbox me, and started asking me what I used?

I decided to share the same hair loss solution with only 3 of them, and they also started using it.

After 2 weeks, they came back and 3 out of 3 of them said it worked for them and it restored their hair growth, and reverse the baldness they were experiencing before.

Right now, I am rocking my full blown hair and no more baldness

No more being ashamed about my hair, also I no longer have to wear hat or caps just to hide my bald hair anymore.

My hair is growing better and my wife loves it and plays with it anytime she is opportune to.

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Here’s How to Use it:

  1. Simply use warm water to rise your hair
  2. Apply 6 drops of Gentle care hair treatment oil on the affected part of your hair
  3. Use it morning and night for the next 2 to 4 weeks for effective results

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