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Rajinikanth: The One Man Army

First, meet Rajinikanth the movie star. The superhero with lush hair and Elvis Presley sideburns, sporting a Batman-like costume in his latest release 2.0. He is a one-man army out to save the world with a robot clone of him equipped

Open letter to every man, woman on how to cure baldness, reverse hair loss in 14 days

If you are tired, frustrated and embarrassed about how your bald hair and severe hair loss makes you look unattractive, unkempt… and even older than you age, then this will be the most important message you will ever read… Here is

Lawsuit alleges Exeter man sold supplements containing steroids

An Exeter man is accused in a federal lawsuit of selling nutritional supplements that contain anabolic androgenic steroids that are illegal and harmful to users, while also casting “a black eye on the industry.” The lawsuit was filed in the U.S.