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Do helmets cause hair loss? Final verdict from a doctor explained

Does wearing a helmet cause hair loss? We consult a doctor to bust the myth To wear or not to wear, that is the question. But speaking in terms of very basic physics, this shouldn’t be the question. If you fall

What to know about eyebrow hair loss

Many factors can cause eyebrow hair loss, including hormonal imbalances, diet, and some skin conditions. Determining the cause of eyebrow hair loss can help a person find the best treatment. Eyebrow hair loss, the medical name for which is eyebrow hypotrichosis, or

Thyroid, iron deficiency, stress can lead to hair fall: Doctors

The new office-bearers of Vidarbha Dermatological Society, headed by Dr Dhanraj Patel, took charge on Sunday NAGPUR: Hair loss or alopecia is still considered a beauty-related problem and people prefer to use cosmetic solutions and alternative treatments provided by corporate clinics.