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Crohn’s and colitis: What are they and is there a cure

After seeing the toll that Crohn’s disease has taken on Dynamo, forcing the magician to put his career temporarily on hold, and with Jeremy Corbyn recently seen sporting a Crohn’s and Colitis UK badge in parliament, interest surrounding the two illnesses have surged, but what

Can a Drug Cure Baldness? New Study Shows Potential

Copyright Maskot Approximately 88 million men and women experience some degree of hair loss during their lives. Those eager to reverse a receding hairline can choose from a few solutions. Hair transplants are a costly but permanent option. Topical solutions that

In Kipling’s worst poem he suggests exercise as a cure for the blues

I am bored,” writes my friend the Moose. “Tell me something funny.” I struggle to think of anything funny. This morning saw me, for no particular reason save the usual ones, in a particularly glum frame. “I did 50 push-ups today,”