A lady should always pay attention to her hair for it is one of her beauty trademarks! Hair is quite sensitive and it should be taken care of in a healthy way. If you mishandle your hair, you will find yourself shaving and starting from scratch. Every lady has different hair with different textures. When you realize that you are losing hair, you need to know the problem. Is it that you are not eating well? Is it that you are trying too hard with hairstyles?

These are simple natural guide to stop hair loss:

  • Avoid regular dying of your hair– those that dye their hair regularly and your hair has reduced in big portions, ditch dying because it makes the hair weak because of the chemicals in the dye. Dye is sexy but first learn your hair and what works best for it.

  • Avoid retouching through-out– this is for the ones blessed with ‘nywele makamasi’- that is the natural soft hair that almost resembles a baby’s. Retouching makes your hair weak and cuts it off. We believe that most women can relate.
  • Try and use Coconut oil– we have heard of ladies who have said that coconut oil does not help them. It does! You need to use it for a while, just be patient. It contains sealant that prevents hair loss.
  • Learn to comb your hair daily if it’s open– having open hair requires efforts and to prevent it from cutting. Try and first plait some ‘matutas’ before you sleep and once you wake up; oil, comb and style it the way you want.
  • Learn to oil your hair– never let your hair and scalp encounter a dry spell because that will just tear your hair into pieces. There are varieties of hair oils and it’s upon you to purchase which you prefer.