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Yoga took me away from alcohol

When Dennis Super was 18 years old, he came across an online video by Jaggi Vasudev commonly known as Sadhguru, a renowned Indian yoga instructor. In the video, Vasudev talked about yoga and the benefits that came with the practice. Yoga

See what this caring entrepreneur is doing to help women suffering from hair loss

Once embarrassed about their hair loss, a bunch of women found the confidence to whip off their wigs to end a fashion show. Inspired by 15-year-old alopecia sufferer Elisha Appleby, who showed off her baldness on Facebook, they plucked up the courage to model

Lotus 39 Anti-Hair Loss Treatment Garners Positive Response from Amazon Customers

The Lotus 39 anti-hair loss treatment developed by Ioan Valentin, CEO of Valentino de Salva, has come to fruition after years of painstaking research. The scientist recently made the formula available on Amazon and the response has been overwhelming, with individuals coming forward