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Bizarre yoga forms? But it could be fun

Dealing with day-to-day pressures isn’t easy and that is a major reason why people are now looking to ways to de-stress, with yoga being the popular choice of the lot. Yoga is something most of us are familiar with, we may

This Diet Strategy Takes 15 Minutes A Day To Produce Results — A New Study Explains How It Works

As tedious as it sounds, tracking what you eat and drink throughout the day can lead to significant weight loss. What most of us don’t realize is that this effective strategy doesn’t need to take much time at all.  According to

What Is Rainbow Diet? Does It Help Lose Weight? Read Here To Know All Your Answers

Your old clothes don’t fit you any more? Has weight loss become your primary goal? Do not worry. Today we will talk about the rainbow diet which helps you lose weight but not health. Even more interesting, it helps you manage