Heart Hormones Protect Against Effects of High-Fat Diet, Here are Fatty Foods You Should Avoid

High fat diets are harmful in the longer run. However, it looks like researchers have found something that can protect your from the effects of a high-fat diet. According to the study published in the journal Science Signaling, elevated levels of natriuretic peptides (NPs) in adipose tissue shield against the harmful effects of a high fat diet. The findings suggest that increasing levels of NPs in adipose tissue may be an important avenue to explore for fighting metabolic diseases.

“For years we have known that NPs control blood pressure and can promote the conversion of energy-storing ‘bad’ white fat into energy-burning ‘good’ brown fat, says Sheila Collins, Ph.D., professor in the Integrative Metabolism Program at SBP Lake Nona and senior author on the paper. “What we discovered in this study is the important role for NPs in managing metabolism and resisting the deleterious effects of a high-fat diet.”

Atrial and B-type natriuretic peptides (NPs) that are made in the heart are hormones that were originally discovered to modulate water and salt to control blood pressure. Theses peptides transmit their signals through natriuretic peptide receptor A (NPRA).

“We wanted to explore the difference between elevated levels of NPs in adipose tissue compared to skeletal muscle tissue. Understanding the distinctions can help us devise strategies and treatments to potentially improve metabolic health–including obesity and insulin resistance,” says Collins.

High fat diets should be avoided as much as possible, considering they don’t do any good to our body and overall health.Here we list down some high fat foods that you must avoid in order to remain healthy.

1. Egg Yolk

Egg yolks contain a huge amount of fats that may not be very healthy if consumed on a daily basis. Too much of wrong type of fat may induce conditions like type-2 diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

2. Butter and Ghee

Butter and ghee are high on fats, excess of which may affect our cardiovascular health. The high intake of saturated fat can cause other problems like obesity.

3. Cheese

Who doesn’t love cheese oozing out of their pizzas and burgers? But cheese not only is fattening but it has high amount of salts that may cause problems like high blood pressure, heart disorders and others.

4. Ice Cream

Sweets are any day fattening and should be avoided as much as we can. Ice creams are full of sugar and cream which add on to a lot of calories making your obese and further= induce various health problems.

5. Fried Foods

The use of oil in fried foods can prove to be harmful as it is not only fattening but also has a high salt content. Regular consumption of fried foods can easily promote weight gain.

Other high fat foods may include red meat, shellfish, lobster, cheesy pasta, burgers, chips, French fries, Liver, cupcakes, muffins, processed meats and many more.