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Crash diets can reduce heart function

Crash diets such as popular meal replacement programs can cause short term deterioration in heart function, a UK study has found. Researchers warn anyone with an underlying heart condition should seek medical advice before adopting a very low calorie diet. Dr

Exercise more in 2018 – it really is good for your heart

Taking more exercise is a New Year’s resolution to stick to. Exercise reduces risks of depression, cancers, heart disease, stroke and sudden death. With 2018 stretching out before us, shining with promise, many of us have made resolutions to be more

American Heart Association Warns Breast Cancer Patients That Treatment May Affect Their Hearts

The American Heart Association (AHA) is warning breast cancer patients and survivors that certain cancer treatments may put their hearts at risk, according to a statement released Thursday in the journal Circulation. Breast cancer survivors who’ve received chemotherapy and radiation may be at an increased risk