On A Diet? This Fibre And Protein-Rich Wholesome Stew May Help Cut Few Kilos 

Dieting can be an overwhelming affair for many. It involves a certain discipline and commitment that can break the strongest of individuals. If you are on dieting or know of friends who are dieting, you would know that one of the toughest parts of dieting is eliminating your favourite foods and making room for all things healthy. They may lack your favourite spices and greasy quotient, but in the long run, they are not only good for your expanding waistline, but also for your overall health.

A lot of us often tend to associate with diet food with all things bland. But the truth is far from that. By using fresh vegetables, selected herbs and ingredients, you can prepare yourself a meal that is not just healthy and wholesome, but yummy too.  Take for instance this soothing broccoli stew recipe. Broccoli has become a nutritional showstopper of sorts in the world of health and fitness. It’s high fibre, iron and vitamin K content makes it one of the healthiest additions to our diet.  Broccoli is very beneficial for diabetics. It has a Glycaemic Index of 15. Eating broccoli daily may help keep blood sugar levels in control and prevent blood sugar spikes. The cruciferous vegetable is also known to heal cancer; several studies have claimed that broccoli may help protect cells from DNA damage and inactivate carcinogens. Broccoli is also loaded with anti-inflammatory properties that help keep infections at bay.

Broccoli is also famous for its weight loss properties. Since it is packed with dietary fibres, broccoli helps promote the feeling of satiety. Fibre takes the longest to breakdown and digest, and since it takes so long, it stays in your system for a longer spell too, making you feel full. If you are full, you would naturally keep yourself away from bingeing. And if you binge less, you would be able to shed your belly fat much easily. Make sure you clean the broccoli well and cut them into small pieces.


Weight loss: Broccoli is also famous for its weight loss properties.

Another power-packed ingredient of the fuss-free stew is coconut milk. Giving it a mild South-Asian touch, this vegan favourite makes this stew a heart-warming treat. Coconut milk is packed with protein and calcium, both of which play a crucial role in burning fat too. Protein also helps promote the feeling of fullness and regulate hunger hormone ghrelin that checks craving.