Five ways to summer friendly skin

With 5-step and 10-step skincare routines being the norm, we are all trying to jump on the skincare bandwagon.

Whether you’re working in a corporate office, a stay-at-home mom or freelancing, it’s difficult to maintain a lengthy routine.

Sobiya Mogul, Content Head, Amazon Beauty and Luxury Beauty shares some tips to keep your skin glowing all through.

SPF Alert: Exposing your skin to the harsh rays of the sun causes dullness and wrinkles. Just adding this small step to your routine can take your skin a long way. Just lather some screen post-shower and make this a habit.

‘Mist’ery Magic: Sitting in an air-conditioned environment all day can make your skin dull and flaky. A gentle spritz of a face mist every couple of hours will keep your skin hydrated and happy.

Serum to the Rescue: Face-masks and sheets need time and patience, but serums can instantly revitalize your skin.

Just a quick dab of a serum that suits your skin type before bed will repair your skin overnight. When you wake up in the morning with a glow, you will only have yourself to thank.

Eye-Spy: We tend to spend a lot of time looking at screens and straining our eyes. Give your eyes a rest and invest in an eye cream.

Gently massage your eyes to increase the blood flow, which will subside the puffiness and dark circles.

Stay Hydrated: When work keeps piling up, it’s easy to lose track of your water intake.

Dry skin is less resilient and prone to wrinkling, increasing your water intake can give your skin a radiant glow.

Always keep a medium-sized water bottle close at hand and remind yourself to drink up! For your skin invest in a great moisturizer to retain hydration and avoid early aging.