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Diet Dilemmas: What Happens When You Cut Carbs from Your Diet?

The significance of a balanced diet can never be discounted. A range of non-communicable, lifestyle diseases can be avoided only if our daily nutritional requirements are adequately met and if we dedicate some time to regular exercising. Lack of information, rather

Officials work to cut prescription drug abuse

The Chenango Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition has been working for three years to get old prescriptions out of residents’ medicine and kitchen cabinets and properly disposed of. The coalition was formed shortly after the Chenango County Health Department saw a spike

Moderate exercise in pregnancy may cut C-sec risk : Study

Indulging in moderate intensity aerobics exercises and stationary cycling during pregnancy may decrease the risk of having a cesarean section (C-sec) or developing diabetes, a study has shown. Half of all women of childbearing age worldwide are overweight or obese, which