Winter Skincare Tips: Just 1 Kitchen Ingredient Can Keep Your Skin Moist And Healthy

The cold weather can be either good or bad for your skin, depending on your skin type and the way that you take care of it. Dry winter air may end up robbing your skin of its natural oils and sheen, leaving it feeling rough and lifeless. The skin on the face may be especially affected as that is the area that is exposed to the weather the most. If you have to weather the elements for too long during winters, the skin on your face may begin to feel uneven and may even start stinging when touched. Winter burns are not very common, but they are certainly very uncomfortable and appear quite unseemly. If you have also been afflicted with the dry winter skin, then you must know about the healing power of this one kitchen ingredient that is commonly available in all households. We’re talking about the supremely hydrating malai, or milk cream.

Malai, or milk cream, is present as a layer that is left behind when whole milk or full fat milk is boiled. It is added to a number of Indian curries and gravies to thicken them and to add a creamy flavour to the taste. Malai is rich in saturated fats like ghee, and hence, is good for deep moisturisation of the skin cells, making your face skin look healthy, plump, soft and supple. Fresh milk cream can be applied on your face and neck to gently exfoliate your skin and to improve its elasticity. If you just apply malai to your face during winters, you may not need to spend big bucks on expensive moisturisers or skin treatments to look good.

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How To Use Malai To Moisturise Your Skin This Winter

If you have a moderately dry or very dry skin and are looking to regain its original smooth and moisturised texture, you can simply scoop the malai off of your milk, place it in a small bowl and mix honey with it. Mix the two well and then apply it on your face for about 15 minutes, while massaging your face with your fingertips in circular motion. This malai face pack will give you a glowing skin that may also tighten pores. However, if you have a generally oily skin and are just looking for a natural moisturiser, you can mix besan or gram flour with a little bit of malai and apply it your face. The gram flour wi balance the oiliness of the malai, leaving your skin feeling clean, exfoliated and hydrated.

If you are someone who is prone to acne breakouts or other skin problems, then you must first consult your dermatologist before using malai on your face.