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Summer skin care tips: How to stop acnes and breakouts, keep face fresh

Skin care in summer need not be a tiring or long-winded exercise, with an unending list of beauty products. You can take care of your skin, keep your face fresh, avoid acnes and breakouts if you know the right way to

How To Use Tomatoes To Keep Your Skin Fresh This Summer

Yes, you heard us right. The plump and juicy fruit that you lovingly add in your salads, masala omelettes, curries, soups and stir-fries can also serve as a miraculous ingredient for your beauty needs. Regular use of tomato can work wonders to keep your

How To Use Aloe Vera To Keep Your Skin Young And Flawless

Talk about any skin problem and a common home remedy suggested by almost everyone is aloe vera. The magical leaves of the aloe plant, which resembles a cactus, contains a gel-like substance that holds huge value in the world of beauty.