After years of battling a kidney condition, Sarah Hyland has come out and publically spoken about her struggle with hair loss.

The Modern Family actress recently took to Instagram to crowd source solutions for her thinning hair. As reported by The Mighty, Sarah revealed to her followers that her hair loss came as a side effect of post-kidney transplant. Sarah underwent a kidney transplant back in 2012 after struggling with kidney dysplasia since birth.

“Help, help, help. What hair-care products are out there for thinning hair? This 27-year-old would like to know,” she said on her Instagram stories. “I know it seems like I don’t, but I do. Some of my medications have been making my hair fall out.”

While she confessed to trying a bunch of different hair-boosting solutions, the actress revealed that she isn’t able to take common hair loss supplements, including Viviscal and Nutrafol, because of the medication she’s already taking.

After she was flooded with suggestions from some of her five million followers, including antioxidants and hair loss-specific shampoos, Sarah settled on one particular tried-and-tested solution — a DIY hair mask made up of a few common pantry and bathroom cabinet items. “I think I’m gonna try more of the like, castor and coconut oil and avocado mix, maybe I’ll put some vitamin E in there. I don’t know” said Sarah.

This isn’t the first time Sarah has opened up about her health struggles. A year ago, she clapped back at online trolls who told her was ‘too skinny’. (For the record, Sarah’s kidney dysplasia makes it difficult for her to put on weight.)

Either way, you will never stop being gorge to us Sarah.

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