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Pamper Your Skin With These 5 Winter Skin Care Ingredients

This is what your skin needs this winter

The chill in the breeze is a signal for you to put away your mango scents and coconut body butters in favour of flavours and extracts that are deeper, layered and more suitable for the season. Not only will they give your skin with the winter care it deserves, their scent and feel is sure to leave you feeling snug as a bug.

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1. Cedarwood

Cedarwood may be rarely seen in skin care products but is filled with benefits for it. It is antifungal, antibacterial and much more; which makes it perfect for skin inflammation like eczema and rashes.

Swirlster Says: The Raw Nature Ultra Light Moisturiser has caramel and cedarwood in its formula which leaves skin hydrated without any dreadful greasiness. It is available for Rs 699. Shop here.


Moisturiser from Raw Nature

2. Apple

Both internally and externally, apples are rich in fiber and vitamin C. This helps skin to become clearer and brighter.

Swirlster Says: The Clean & Clear Morning Energy Apple Face Wash promises to purify the skin and prevent oil from leaving it clogged. It is available for Rs 120. Shop here.


Face Wash from Clean & Clear

3. Figs

You may be surprised to know that figs are packed with fiber and are a good source of vitamin A, potassium and antioxidants. This nourishes the skin from all over and builds good circulation.

Swirlster Says: The Plum Vanilla and Fig Feel The Fudge Body Butter combines shea butter with vanilla and fig for long lasting nourishment from dryness which absorbs quickly into the skin. It is available for Rs 315 from Rs 450. Shop here.


Body Butter from Plum

4. Vanilla

There’s no ingredient that better sums up winter than vanilla. Its scent makes it a popular choice in candles and lip balm but it is also anti-inflammatory, which helps soothe troubled skin.

Swirlster Says: The Raw Nature Body Wash contains malt extract and pepper vanilla to lend a divine spicy fragrance while cleansing your body and removing impurities. It is available for Rs 999. Shop here.


Body Wash from Raw Nature

5. Cinnamon

Spicy cinnamon is a powerful antioxidant which heals skin blemishes and improves blood circulation. No wonder it’s a skin care favourite, especially in winter.

Swirlster Says: The Forest Essentials Luxury Sugar Soap has bitter orange and cinnamon which effectively cleanses the skin with a lingering spicy, citrus scent. It is available for Rs 425. Shop here.