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Soothe Your Summer Skin and Hair With These Must-Have Beauty Masks

Don’t let your skin, hair, or scalp fall victim to rising temps, heaps of humidity, or the festival of frizz that occurs after an unexpected rainstorm this summer. Whether you’re battling clogged pores or suffering from sunburn, these beauty masks can summer-proof your beauty routine. What beauty masks will

Wash your hair the right way to avoid damage. Follow these tips

Healthy hair is a result of following the proper hair care rituals. From preparing your hair to applying conditioner after the wash, each step matters. Lathering up your hair roughly or drying your hair too quickly can leave you with dull

To lose weight the right way, include these 6 superfoods in your diet

The success of your fitness and weight loss goals are totally governed by what you eat. And with the recent rise of lifestyle diseases in India, the saying couldn’t ring truer. To stay fit, or even lose weight, you need to