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5 easy ways to keep your skin healthy this summer

Representational image by Getty Images Spending lots of time soaking up the sun during your commute to the office, outdoor sports, family vacations or lounging by the pool this summer? Here are the best tips for looking pretty and keeping your skin

Five ways to summer friendly skin

With 5-step and 10-step skincare routines being the norm, we are all trying to jump on the skincare bandwagon. Whether you’re working in a corporate office, a stay-at-home mom or freelancing, it’s difficult to maintain a lengthy routine. Sobiya Mogul, Content

Five ways to get more fibre in your diet

An apple a day … Photograph: Leventina/Getty Images/iStockphoto Get a feel for the figures Fibre, or roughage, refers to indigestible carbohydrates. A fibre-rich diet is linked to health benefits including a reduced risk of heart disease and bowel cancer. While UK guidelines say adults should get 30g