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Heart patients need to focus on fitness and exercise, not weight loss

Patients with coronary heart disease should aim for a fitter self for a longer life, according to a study. Researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) have found that heart disease patients can gain weight without jeopardizing their

An exercise in hypocrisy? Trump lectures America on fitness

Wednesday was “Sports and Fitness Day” at the White House. This is not to be confused with the Barack Obama-era Fitness and Sports Day, which Donald Trump has cancelled. Similarly, in February, the president issued an executive order which replaced the Obama-era President’s

Want to lose weight, but don’t want to exercise? Here’s your fitness plan

If you thought the only way to lose weight is to hit the gym, you are wrong. Making simple diet and lifestyle changes can also help you lose weight, without having to pound the treadmill or passing out from lifting weights.