Summer Eye Care: 8 Kitchen Ingredients For Healthy And Relaxed Eyes

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, they say. But if the eyes are too tired to behold, then beauty is lost. The summer heat and the glare of the sun play spoil sport and are a cause of strain for the eyes. Dryness, a burning sensation, itching and dark circles, are quite commonly felt during this season, and can be quite an irritant. Eye allergies can also occur as well.

But take heart! Here are some simple tips for healthy, relaxed eyes this summer, straight from your kitchen.

1. Cold Water

First things first. Splash your eyes, frequently with cold water during the day. This will help freshen up the eyes. Or better still, cotton pads soaked in ice water placed on the eyes for about ten minutes will constrict the blood vessels ,leading to relaxing the eyes.

2. Aloe Vera

Another effective remedy is using the ever useful aloe vera. Put some aloe vera juice in the eyes, to lessen the summer strain. You could also freeze aloe vera juice as cubes and place them on the eyelids for brightening dull eyes.

3. Cucumber

Cucumber is another obvious choice, that comes to mind when we think of eye care, because of its high water content. Take a refrigerated cucumber and cut a slice for each eye. Place it on the eyes for 15 minutes and relax. Open your eyes to a completely refreshed feeling. Cucumber pulp can also be placed on the lids if you like. You could also mix lemon juice with cucumber juice and apply around the eyes and leave for ten minutes and then wash. It will have the same effect.

4. Potato

Worried about those puffy eyes and under eye dark circles? Reach out for the lowly potato. The juice of the potato has astringent properties and reduces the puffiness of the eyelids and also takes care of dark circles. Grate a raw potato and put the pulp in a fine cloth and place it over the eyes. Alternately, you can place a fine slice of a peeled potato on each eye for 15 minutes. This will take care of the puffiness and dark circles. It could help reduce wrinkles too!

5. Rose Water

Eyes burning? Reach out for rose water. A few drops in each eye can help cool them down. Cotton dipped in rose water can also be placed on the eyes to get rid of dark circles. As an alternative, you could also spray rose water on your eyes to cool them down.Strawberry slices placed on the eyes help rejuvenate them. Place strawberry slices or crushed mint leaves to refresh your peepers. Mint juice mixed with an equal quantity of cucumber juice applied under the eyes reduces dark circles.

Next tea bags. Used tea bags are a boon for tired eyes. Once you’ve brewed your tea, put the tea bags in the freezer and let them stay there for some time. Place the cooled tea bags on your eyes for 15 minutes to get the sparkle back. What’s more, it even helps to reduce the dark circles. You could also use green tea bags in the aforesaid way or brew green tea, cool it down and then splash this on your eyes. It shall give the same effect.