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Aussie company eyes decommissioned plant for crypto mining operations

A decommissioned coal plant in Australia could soon be home to a large cryptocurrency mining operation in the land down under. Sydney-based IoT Group has signed an agreement with Royalti Blockchain Group, a reseller of mining hardware company Bitfury, through its

New Contact Lenses Could Let You Shoot Lasers From Your Eyes

If you ever wished you had Superman’s ability to shoot lasers out of your eyeballs, you can thank science for helping to make your dream more of a reality. Researchers at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland have developed an

Here’s How Rose Water Can Do Wonders For Your Eyes

Rose water is flavoured, aromatic water which is prepared by soaking rose petals into water. It has been one of the most versatile ingredients used in Indian households now. Not only is it immensely soothing on the skin, but also provides our