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5 Ways to Keep Your Eyes Healthy Every Day

(iStock) As we age, our eyes age too, and the risk of eye diseases and conditions— many with no warning signs—climbs.That’s why experts stress the importance of an annual comprehensive eye exam for everyone over age 50. “Just as you’d visit an

The eyes don’t have it

The communicative power of eye contact might well be a myth, if a recent Australian experiment is indicative. Making eye contact with another person is considered to be a highly effective way of concentrating the transition of messages, so much so

BRAUN: Eyes of The World on Venezuela

Venezuelan opposition supporters living in Colombia take part in a demonstration to back Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido’s calls for early elections, at Plaza de Bolivar square in Bogota, on February 2, 2019. (Diana Sanchez/AFP/Getty Images) Here’s the history of Venezuela