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Ocularistry: the niche field of making prosthetic eyes by hand

Francesca Gelai reaches into her backpack and pulls out a metal tin. Rattling around inside are a collection of hand-painted artificial eyes. But when she peels off the lid and spills the contents onto the table, they’re not the spherical, marble

Protect your eyes and sleep with dark and night modes

Dry eyes and disturbed sleep patterns are common issues encountered by long-term exposure to blue light. Dark mode and night mode could help reduce the stress on the eyes Imagine you’ve just gotten off work at night, after staring at your

Grab eyes more funding, after raising $4.5 billion in SE Asia’s largest financing round

Grab is considering raising more funds from strategic investors, the president of Southeast Asia’s top ride-hailing firm said, after raking in over $4.5 billion in the region’s largest private financing round that included SoftBank’s Vision Fund. The Singapore-based firm continues to