Seven-year-old donates her money to support girl-child education

Education is a service, which should be free of cost, and government is trying hard to bring this in effect. Aryadhya Rawal, a seven-year-old girl from a Jhabua district of Madhya Pradesh, has been kind enough to donate her birthday celebration amount of Rs 21, 000 for girl child education.

Aryadhya was given a sum of Rs 21,000 so as to celebrate her birthday, however she requested her father to send a demand draft of Rs 21,000 to the Prime Minister.

Aryadhya knows that PM is making back-breaking efforts to make people aware about girl-child education and is launching a number of schemes to support the same, so she also did her bit towards his effort.
What inspired this little angel?

“I see many girls in my colony not studying as their parents are poor. I decided to give the money to the Prime Minister, who will definitely spend it to educate children who are deprived,” said Aradhya, who celebrated her birthday on Tuesday.

“I told my father not spend money on my birthday and instead send it to the PM,” she told Hindustan Times.